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3.7M Antennas start operation with customer in Argentina

Amadeus Group has succesfully delivered 4 units of 3.7M 4 port 3 axis  motorized  Ku band antennas to a new customer in Argentina. These will be used by a local satellite operator in the various testing and operational phases of their day to day activities. 

Date    : 06 Jan, 2011 more

5 TVRO contract delivered and installed for UK customer

Amadeus Group has delivered and comissioned 5 TVRO antennas of various diameters for a UK broadcasting company. See our gallery for pictures.

Date    : 07 Dec, 2010 more

New contract with Saudi customer

 New contract signed with Saudi customer for delivery of 3.7M ground systems.

Amadeus Group has signed a new contract for the delivery of 3.7M Ku band antennas to one of it's partners in Saudi Arabia. These units will be deployed by our SI partner for telecommunication projects in the Gulf.

We are proud to see our customer base expanding outside of our traditional Asian And European strongholds, A sign that our quality and service is fast being recognized by a growing number of customers worldwide.



Date    : 03 Dec, 2009 more

Sales finalized for batch of 1.8M Ku/C band Flyaway terminals to U.S.A.

 Amadeus Group has delivered it's first batch of 1.8M Flyaway C/Ku band antennas to the US market. 

These will be used by our partner in developping the market of on the fly communication in Mexico and southern U.S.A

Date    : 12 Nov, 2009 more

New Website launched

The new website is here!. With a new easy to navigate interface, we hope that our new website will enable you to find the products you need more easily. .

We will be regularly adding some products to our list of items so check this space.

In the coming week we will make available our new line of tracking receivers and Antenna Contrl Units as well as add the datasheets for the larger antenna from our partner NWIEE. 7.3M, 9M 12M.


Contact us for more details

Date    : 05 Aug, 2009 more

Amadeus launches new 1.2M and 0.75M ku band antennas

 Amadeus Group will be starting  a new line of small antennas for Vsat applications.

Diameters are 1.2M ku band antenna and 0.75M ku band. 

Production capacity is over 10,000 units  per month and will allow customers to rapidly deploy networks at  a lesser costs.

Product specification comming soon on the website.

Contact us for more information.


Date    : 04 Aug, 2009 more

New line of Receive only antennas

Amadeus Group has launched a new line of Receive only antennas.

Diameters are ranging from 1.2M t0 4.5M, and are available in C, and Ku band.

All antennas above 2.4M can be motorized.

Contact us for more details.

Date    : 24 Jun, 2009 more

New line of US made tracking receiver launched

Amadeus Group, has successfully launched the new tracking receivers and Antenna control unit line, in partnership with Satsyscorp USA.

The Beacon receivers are available in X, L , Ku and C bands.

Satsyscorp have 28 years of experience in the satellite industry including satellite earth station integration and equipment manufacturing. We currently manufacture Satellite Beacon Receivers for antenna tracking or uplink power control, Frequency Converters, Inclined Orbit Tracking Controllers, Redundant Switching Systems, and Remote Carrier Monitoring Systems. We also specialize in custom configurations.

Please contact us for further details.


Date    : 23 May, 2009 more

Amadeus Group commissions 9M C band antenna for new customer in Malaysia

Amadeus Group is proud to have commissioned a new 9 m C band antenna for Malaysian customer.

In partnership with our Malaysian System integrator, we have delivered a full 9M C band antenna including all indoor equipment , assembly and commissioning. 

Date    : 07 Apr, 2009 more